How to Host a Crunchyroll Viewing Party

Anime fans are finicky. And they have every right to be, given the breadth of anime content. Although anime-specific streaming services do exist, Crunchyroll Party is currently one of the most popular options. It offers over 1,200 series and a wide range of simulcast shows.

However, with the growing popularity of watch parties, people have begun to wonder when they will be able to stream Crunchyroll content with a group of friends and family. More information about Crunchyroll can be found below. But first, let's take a look at those viewing parties.

Is it Possible to Host an Official Crunchyroll Watch Party?

Netflix, Amazon, Disney Plus, and other streaming services have made their watch party options available. This has prompted the question of when this trend will spread to other streaming services. Of course, Crunchyroll users have the same question.

Is there a feature that allows you to organise a Crunchyroll viewing party? Unfortunately, the platform does not officially provide this option, at least not at the moment.

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